Receiving and pouring out divine energy: Inner Task Series by Jeanine Siler Jones

Sense into your vertical alignment by connecting with your spine—beginning at the base of the spine, below your sacrum all the way up to the top of your spine where you tilt and nod your head. Sense into your “I AM” presence in your spine. Set for yourself the outer task of pausing and returning to your verticality throughout the day, just being present there. Invite an inner attitude of sensing your presence and noting that you are a vessel of hope, receiving and pouring out divine energy.

Today is our final day with this month’s inner task and we will focus on the last line: receiving and pouring out divine energy.

This week spend time each day noticing this divine exchange in your own being. Remember that mercy is a connection word and we are invited to wake up inside this warm-hearted, coherent ‘world of mercy’, and be part of the expression of mercy, hope and love.


Sense your verticality…I AM HERE

Receive…Pour out

Participate in the divine exchange seeking a particular expression through YOU.

(the picture is from this past winter: delighted souls in nature, loving the world and one another)