Partner Courses

Cynthia Bourgeault’s work is offered not only through Wisdom Waypoints but through many partner organizations as well. Preview Cynthia’s teachings available through our partners, then visit their websites for the most current details.

Center for Action and Contemplation

Introductory Wisdom School

The Introductory Wisdom School explores the Wisdom way of knowing and growing. Cynthia invites us to awaken to our yearning for a different kind of presence and to develop the skills, knowledge, and actions for our own transformation.

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Mary Magdalene: Apostle to Our Own Times

Mary Magdalene: Apostle to Our Own Times is an opportunity to see one of Christianity’s most courageous women, featured prominently in the Gospel story, more clearly. Let Mart guide you to a perspective of Christianity you never knew existed, one we so desperately need today. 

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The Divine Exchange Wisdom School

The Divine Exchange is a continuation of Cynthia’s Introductory Wisdom School, delving deeply into the principle of exchange (“giving-is-receiving”), the spiritual foundation of The Christian Wisdom tradition.

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Contemplative Life

Contemplative Life offered an updated version of Cynthia’s teaching on the Four Voices of Contemplative Discernment in January 2022.


The Way of Wisdom Jesus

Going beyond the mind to the heart of Jesus’ teaching. Cynthia shares Jesus’ teaching through the lens of nonduality and letting go. The course includes videos, readings, and downloadable PDFs.

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Spirituality and Practice

Centering Prayer

Learn this no-frills form of Christian meditation from one of its most potent teachers. In this online retreat you will learn everything you need to know to get your own practice of Centering Prayer up and running — or if you’re an old hand, to learn some new approaches to refresh and reboot your practice.

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Coping and Thriving with Catastrophe

Deep in our souls, we know that life’s tragedies can also yield hidden gifts of profound healing, renewal, and thriving. In this benefit e-course, six pioneers of InterSpirituality share teachings about recovery from the traditions that have shaped their lives.

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InterSpiritual Wisdom

A rare opportunity to learn from six pioneers of InterSpirituality: Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Spiritual Paths Institute, Swami Atmarupananda, Dr. Ed Bastian, Shaikh Kabir and Shaikha Camille Helminski, and Rabbi Rami Shapiro.

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Mystical Hope Today: An Online Lenten Deep Dive

Grounded in the original Mystical Hope book, this course combines the best moments from the original book with the growth that has unfolded in Cynthia over the years and with the circumstances we now find ourselves personally and planetarily.

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Practical Nonduality

Why has the topic of nonduality suddenly become so hot in our times and what does this say about where our planet is headed and what might be called forth from us?

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Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm: A Lenten e-Course

Cynthia explores the gifts of the imaginal realm that can help us adopt a larger perspective and make a difference today using the cosmic assistance available to us all. She introduces the teachings in her latest book, Eye of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm.

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Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work

In this e-course, Cynthia Bourgeault will lead you through the practices of G.I. Gurdjieff in a cumulative, sequential way that remains focused on a practical task. She explores what Gurdjieff means by “conscious labor and intentional suffering” and hints at the huge cosmic vision underlying and tying together all these individual practices.

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Teilhard for Our Times

A view into the heart and vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Today more than ever, our planet is desperately in need of authentic vision and wellsprings of hope.

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The Gospel of Thomas for Advent

Following a very successful introductory e-course on the Gospel of Thomas, Cynthia Bourgeault returned to lead a first-of-its kind Advent Gospel of Thomas e-retreat. A way to prepare our hearts for a truly blessed Christmas.

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The Mystery of Death

An introduction to a little known contemporary mystical gem, The Mystery of Death by Hungarian-born Jesuit theologian Ladislaus Boros, which has been a mainstay of Cynthia’s own spiritual work for more than forty years.

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The Wisdom Jesus

This e-course is written in a way that is spiritually inclusive, open to people of all faith traditions — or none — and geared toward transformational practices, not creedal statements. Cynthia approaches Jesus first and foremost as a universal cultural treasure, whose extraordinary teachings and heart exemplify the highest consciousness a human being.

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The Contemplative Society

Conscious Love

In this newly revised teaching, Cynthia Bourgeault explores how conscious love flows from our deeper selves, beyond identification, craving, wanting, and needing.

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Contemplative Remembering

How can ancient contemplative skills contribute to the needs of today’s world? In this teaching, Cynthia Bourgeault offers a compelling answer that addresses the modern dilemma of how to end the cycles of violence between individuals, religions, and cultures without dishonoring or discounting those who have been victimized.

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Desert Fathers and Mothers

Be prepared to discover in this set of teachings the original desert fathers and mothers in a whole new way—as Christian disciples and sages. Cynthia begins by exploring how the desert is a perfect setting both physically and metaphorically for the spiritual seeker.

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Eye of the Heart with Matthew Wright

In this set Matthew Wright guides us deep into the Jesus wisdom tradition, a heart-centered (rather than a purely mind-centered) journey toward being fully human while grounded in cosmic oneness.

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Going Deeper into the Mystery of Christ

In this recording, Cynthia Bourgeault looks at some of the great mystical texts in the Christian tradition that speak, for example, of “all things being gathered into Christ,” and “the image of the unseen God.”

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The Divine Exchange

In this teaching, we learn how, in the great exchange of giving and receiving, we are fed by and feed other realms outside our earthly reality.

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The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

In her book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, Cynthia Bourgeault explores the hidden—or forgotten—nature of the traditional Christian symbol, the Trinity. In this recording, Cynthia deepens and clarifies our understanding of her written work, helping to strengthen the listener’s resolve on the path to God.

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Through Holy Week with Mary Magdalene

Without contradicting canonical accounts, Cynthia restores Mary Magdalene as a central figure in the Paschal mystery. This talks is for all Christians interested not only in their own spiritual journey, but also in the future of Christianity as an incarnational faith embodying the way of kenotic love—the way to the cosmic Christ spirit.

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Wisdom Way of Knowing