Going Deeper into the Mystery of Christ

In this recording, Cynthia Bourgeault looks at some of the great mystical texts in the Christian tradition that speak, for example, of “all things being gathered into Christ,” and “the image of the unseen God.” She asks, “Is there a fundamental law, an organizing principle in this particular space time continuum, in this great relational field, that is planted in the hearts of all sentient beings and that is wired to the Divine Mercy?” She argues that Jesus in his risen being, continuous with his earthly being, is the image of that principle. And further that if we have him we have the principle; and if we have the principle we have him. Christ is the originating principle of coherence that holds everything together. He is a “direct arrow into the divine ordering principle,” and that if we “encamp next” to him and to that principle, then “things become as simple as child’s play.”

Approximate running time: 4 hours, 20 minutes

Recorded LIVE in Sorrento, BC, Canada, 2008. Revised and re-released in 2014.