The Divine Exchange: Audio Teaching by Cynthia offered by The Contemplative Society

In this teaching, we learn how, in the great exchange of giving and receiving, we are fed by and feed other realms outside our earthly reality. We come to see the relationship among the visible and invisible realms not as a ladder of hierarchical steps to climb and escape lower states of being, but as an inter-abiding round dance of self-giving love. As we allow ourselves to participate in the freely flowing exchange of Divine creativity, love is made manifest. Moreover, we humans, as the embodiment of consciousness, are responsible for making that Divine love manifest in this time/space realm. Learn how, in following Jesus’ way, we release our essential Self as we help fulfill the deep yearning of the Divine.

Recorded LIVE at Rosemary Heights Retreat Center in Surrey, BC, Canada, 2008. Revised and re-released 2017.