Deepening the Practice of Centering Prayer

In this five-day deep immersion retreat, Cynthia moves beyond the scope of introductory Centering Prayer material to focus on the true self and its expression in the world around us. We discover that it is through spiritual non-possessiveness, surrender, and self-emptying that our essence becomes connected to the flow of Being Itself. This path is not about self-expression and acquisition or storing up more calm, stability, or inner presence. As self-emptying becomes the whole path we find that there is no need to worry about being depleted. The process of relinquishing our will, our identity, and our vitality leads us to the dark night of the spirit. And it is through this passageway that we discover that we are not the source of our own energy. Cynthia also touches on the so-called dichotomy between action and contemplation.

Approximate running time: 6 hours, 40 minutes

Recorded LIVE at Olympic Park Institute, WA, 2003. Revised and re-released in 2012

Also see An Introduction to the Practice of Centering Prayer offered by The Contemplative Society.