The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

In her book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, Cynthia Bourgeault explores the hidden—or forgotten—nature of the traditional Christian symbol, the Trinity. She enriches Christian theology and history on the subject with G.I. Gurdjieff’s Laws of Three and Seven, discovering a guiding principle to help mend and evolve Christianity, humanity, and our relationship to the world.

In this recording, Cynthia deepens and clarifies our understanding of her written work, helping to strengthen the listener’s resolve on the path to God. Basing much of her teaching on Gurdjieff’s Law of Three, Cynthia helps listeners learn how to hold the tension of opposing positions until the heart creates a new reality that subsumes both sides. The result is a radical change in relationship to the symbolic Trinity and its place in our ever-changing world. Cynthia also elaborates on Gurdjieff’s Law of Seven, connecting it to the musical scale and to the work of Jacob Boehme. The Law of Seven brings with it Gurdjieff’s Enneagram, which provides an opportunity for a new, kinesthetic approach to understanding the nature of the Trinity.

Recorded LIVE in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada, 2014. Released in 2016.