The Way of Union: Teaching by Matthew Wright

In this retreat recording, Matthew Wright guides us through an insightful comparison of the two great mystical traditions of Christianity and Sufism. He describes the historic setting of Islam and introduces us to the teachings of Muhammad, Ibn al-Arabi and other Sufi writers. At the same time he draws parallels to the wisdom gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip. The shared and mutually enriching teachings of Christian and Sufi mysticism become apparent regarding such concepts as incarnation, heart centeredness, witnessing, presence, and self-knowing. Based on similar metaphysics, both of these two spiritual paths offer a way toward being a completed, integrated person – the Christos of Christianity and the Insan al-Kamil of Sufism.

Recorded live on October 11-15, 2018
at Cowichan Lake Research Station, BC, Canada

As this is a LIVE recording you may notice some audio variability and background noise, specifically a fire crackling