Sense into I am: Inner Task Series by Jeanine Siler Jones

Our Inner Task this month from the Mystical Hope Book Circles:

Sense into your vertical alignment by connecting with your spine—beginning at the base of the spine, below your sacrum all the way up to the top of your spine where you tilt and nod your head. Sense into your “I AM” presence in your spine. Set for yourself the outer task of pausing and returning to your verticality throughout the day, just being present there. Invite an inner attitude of sensing your presence and noting that you are a vessel of hope, receiving and pouring out divine energy.

Today our focus is on this part of the monthly inner task: Sense into your “I AM” presence in your spine. Hopefully you have already spent some time this past week connecting with and sensing into your spine, returning throughout the day to your vertical alignment.

To know what “I AM”, my whole being needs to quieten in an act of total attention. When there is no wave, no ripple on the surface, I can see if there is something real in the depths. Then I will see if there is a Presence like a second body, which I will know by its density, its own movement, which I will feel as distinct. (Jeanne De Salzmann, Reality of Being, p. 234)

Allow these words from Mme. De Salzmann to be your guide this week. Throughout the day, bring your full attention to quieting the waves of your atmosphere. Connect with Presence, your “I AM” Presence and sense its movement and distinctiveness. It is a taste of your Being, with all three centers in balance, deeper than ordinary awareness. Collect in your Being, with an anchor in your spine, and notice what happens as you return there throughout the day.