Calling a Stop with the Intellectual Center: Inner Task Series by Jeanine Siler Jones

This month our inner task is working with Calling a stop with yourself and noticing your mechanical ways of moving, feeling and thinking. (You may want to experiment with a periodic timer during the day). Last week we focused on the emotional center, noticing how strong emotions can drain us of energy or create outbursts of negativity that cause us to get caught in our smaller self. This week, we’ll focus on the intellectual center.

Recently, in an interview with Cynthia for our practice day, she offered an inner task of being aware of the activity or buzzing in our heads, the ‘monkey mind’ of thoughts, plans, stories. To establish a reference point, take a moment to sense your head and how it is balanced on your shoulders, held up by your spine. Sense its volume, spaciousness, and shape. Engage it as another limb of your body.

Then, as you go through your day, notice when you get ‘buzzy’. Pause and allow that energy to gently melt down into your body, or remember the spaciousness and shape of your head rather than joining the content of the buzz. Then, begin again.