Calling a Stop with the Emotional Center: Inner Task Series by Jeanine Siler Jones

This month our inner task is working with Calling a stop with yourself and noticing your mechanical ways of moving, feeling and thinking. (You may want to experiment with a periodic timer during the day). Last week we focused on the moving center, noticing how being aware of everyday gestures or movements can call us back into Presence. This week, we’ll focus on the emotional center. As we know, the emotional center is much faster than the intellectual center, but these centers can combine forces and create ‘strong emotions’ which can drain us of energy or create outbursts of negativity. So, catching an emotional reaction, before we get identified with it, calls us to practice with all three centers. Can you stop, notice and pause by recognizing the ‘taste’ or ‘vibration’ of the reactivity? Can you step back, or separate from the experience and see it without judgment? This allows you to be non-identified for a moment and be less likely to be caught in the mechanical patterns that disconnect us from a direct encounter with Mercy.