Obligolnian Strivings: Week Six of Inner Task Series by Heather Ruce

We are working cumulatively with the Being Obligolnian Strivings, the first striving: to have in one’s ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for the planetary body and the second striving: to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need to perfect oneself in the sense of Beingto have a constant and unflagging instinctive need to perfect oneself in the sense of Being as well as the third striving.

For this week, however, we will continue to focus predominantly on the third striving: the conscious striving to know more and more about the laws of world-creation [law of three which includes points 3-6-9] and world maintenance [law of seven which includes 1-2-4-5-7-8 around the outside and 1-4-2-8-5-7 on the inside], especially as it relates to working with tension and waning energies.

Simply put, within these laws is the recognition that struggle between first and second force with a tendency to fall into a standoff/logjam between them is part of the natural process of creation (law of three). And waning energy with a tendency to get off track from the original path set in motion at particular places along the way—the Mi-Fa, Sol-La, and Si-Do passages—is part of the unfolding of everything in the cosmos (law of seven). Our ongoing task is to work with coming to accept this reality, to strengthen our nervous systems so as to not make unhelpful meaning in regard to the struggle and waning energy when it inevitably comes, and to learn to stay open enough to midwife these seeming standstills and predictable places where energy begins to deviate from the initial vibration.

This week, rather than focusing on the specifics of these laws, let us focus more broadly on noticing the tendencies that arises within us when we are in the midst of these precarious places of tension (law of three) and waning vibrations (law of seven) by exploring the 1) habits/survival responses—to brace, hide, push harder, panic, collapse, overly or underly rely on self/others/God, etc; 2) stories we tell ourselves—this always happens, I can’t ever do anything right, everything is always so hard; and 3) meaning making—something is wrong with me/you/life that I am experiencing this, this struggle or vibration/energy wane is an indication that I am going in the wrong direction, etc. Become curious about what you notice in these areas and be willing to see these patterns of sleep. Just the willingness to see can be what enables us to stand firm and potentially midwife these precarious spots instead.