Wisdom Community Equinox Pause – Sept 2022 Event Recording

UtriusqueCosmi by Robert Fludd

With deepest thanks to our Camino Sabio Spanish community leaders and Wisdom circle for hosting this powerful and poignant global practice event!

Event Facilitators:

Carmen Horst – from Indiana, raised in Argentina

Marcela Huepe – from Chile

Cornelia Serna – from Colombia

“In human beings as in the universe, everything is in movement. Nothing stays still or remains the same. Nothing lasts forever or ends completely. All that lives evolves or declines in an endless movement of energy. The laws underlying this universal process were known to ancient science, which assigned humanity its proper place in the cosmic order.”

-Jeanne de Salzmann (The Reality of Being, 2010)

Event Recording:

Recorded on Zoom – September 22, 2022

Please see the Equinox resources shared by our event hosts, available to view or download here.