Wholeness in Motion Body Prayer with Heather Ruce

Anchoring in Yourself in the world as you are, as it is.

There are 3 aspects to this sequence:
M – A gestural movement, W- words and F-focus for your attention.

Everyone stands up either in a circle or where they are in the room. You can lead and they follow one gesture/phrase at a time.

M. Lightly stamp right foot while doing gesture of putting down a staff and say first phrase. Repeat movement with left saying second phrase.
W. “Here I am, as I am.”
F. Feel you presence on the ground in the moment with each movement and the words.

M. Open horizontal circle with 1st right then left arm saying 1st phrase with right and 2nd with left.
W. “In the world, as it is”
F. See/ feel/hear the world around you.

M. Hands together in prayer like position.
W. “Supported by the planet.”
F. Sense the same pressure between your hands as you do the pressure between you and the earth under your feet.

M. Prayer hands move up over your head.
W. “Floating in the multiverse”.
F. See your self from the perspective of the moon, standing on the earth, under the earth.

M. Prayer hands to level of forehead.
W. “Awake”
F. Sense an alert glow between your eyes.

M. Prayer hands to heart level.
W. “to my state of being.”
F. Feel your current state of being, sensations of your being.

MWF – woosh exhale any movement feels good.

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Wholeness in Motion Body Prayer by Heather Ruce