The Wisdom Jesus Book Circle: Inner Task Month III

As we gather for our third Wisdom Jesus book circle, we find ourselves in Lent, with Holy Week on the horizon. Cynthia has reminded us in her current Lenten e-course on “Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm,” that this season is not about giving something up but about “calling you back into awareness” and reminding you of your “deeper intention” which is to “deepen your relationship with God.”

It is about waking up. But we cannot wake up if we are not present in ourselves.
What cultivates this Presence that invites us into awareness?

This foundational inner task invites us to remember ourselves and ‘keep within’ so that our hearts may be of planetary and cosmic assistance.

Inner Task:

Keep your attention in yourself, not on yourself.

The capacity to do anything skillful in this world requires a deeper attention in yourself.

Notice when attention is stolen.

Notice when you are caught in the storms of inner or outer conditions and you are leaking energy.

Make it a daily practice to reconnect with your inner anchor where you are deeply connected to God.

Notice how you do that in all three centers:

your body relaxed/spacious,
your emotions settled
your mind quiet.

Return to Presence and begin again, allowing all to flow again.

This is the third in a monthly series of Inner Tasks accompanying the work in The Wisdom Jesus Book Circle. This post was given to work with during the month between March 23 and April 27, 2021.

Images from the top: Barefoot Walking, courtesy of author Clint McKoy, Unsplash; In the water, courtesy of Fernando Jorge, Unsplash.

Resource offered by Heather Ruce.