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How Can I Get More Involved?

There are many ways you can connect at Wisdom Waypoints. Here are a few of them you’ll find right here on this site.

Join an Online Meditation Group

A 30 minute collective Wisdom Pause “for Silence and Stillness” on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These Virtual Wisdom Practice Opportunities are offered twice a day at 10:30am EDT and 7pm EDT.

Join an Online Chant Group

Chanting is a wonderful practice for bringing heart, body, and mind together. Even if you are shy about your voice, what better safety zone than zoom?

Join a Book Circle

Wisdom Waypoints has launched a two-year, four-book Foundational Wisdom Practice Book Circle Series that includes: The Wisdom Way of Knowing, Mystical Hope, The Wisdom Jesus, and Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening. These Wisdom books engage learners in the foundational teaching of our Wisdom lineage.

Attend a Retreat or Wisdom School

Attend a retreat or Wisdom School, either online or on the ground. Check out the calendar for current offerings.

Find a Local Practice Circles

Wisdom Waypoints supports an extensive network of Wisdom Practice Circles where participants come together regularly to study and practice.

Find others in your area who are walking the Wisdom path.

Explore Spiritual Companioning

When your journey takes you into unknown waters, keep on course with an experienced Wisdom guide.

Fire off a question to Cynthia

Ever had a question you wanted to ask Cynthia? Here’s your chance.

Here’s one question Cynthia answered from one of her Wisdom Schools: “What does inner awakening look or feel like from the inside? Can it be seen from the outside?”

Find Us on Facebook

Don’t miss our Wisdom School Community Facebook Page. Lively, thoughtful conversation, practices you can try out, and spiritual creativity in high gear.

Admission to this group is open to all who have taken an introductory Wisdom school, either online or on the ground. If you have, find your way to the page and request to join. 

Post a Blog on Community Forum

Contact us if you have something that you would like to contribute. We welcome your blogs.

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Wisdom Waypoints is here to support your journey. Let us know how we can help.

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