Wisdom Community Practice Day: Finding Our Feet, Holding Our World

Here is the recording from the Wisdom Practice Day: Finding Our Feet, Holding our World, held on Friday, September 29, 2023. With everything that the planet is facing at this time, war, fires, hurricanes, racism, hatred, and so much more, we as Wisdom students are called to find our feet and hold our world. This Wisdom Practice Half Day included a Gurdjieff Exercise, a live talk from Cynthia, chanting, silence, and optional conscious conversation.

The body prayer we worked with is called Wholeness in Motion and was created by Babette Lightner. The cello music playing was from Cello Music for Meditation by The Wong Janice. The chant we chanted were the words of Psalm 103 in Cynthia’s book Mystical Hope “We swim in mercy as in an endless sea” put to music by Susan Latimer. And the prayer Cynthia shared from Don’t Look Up was, “Dearest Father and Almighty Creator, we ask for your grace tonight, despite our pride, your forgiveness, despite our doubt. Most of all, Lord, we ask for your love to soothe us through these dark times. May we face whatever is to come in your divine will with courage and open hearts of acceptance.” 


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