A Journey Through Holy Week: A Passion Libretto

This is a Six Day free Holy Week offering on the Passion Libretto from Cynthia and Wisdom Waypoints. The idea to offer this gift to the Wisdom network came into being after an inquiry for leads on a Passion Libretto that Cynthia put together back in 2004. It was for a new choral piece, an original Holy Week oratorio, composed for the Aspen Choral Society, by her friend and colleague the resident conductor Ray Vincent Adams. A portion of it was published in some form or another by Episcopal Church Publishing Company, but it’s apparently long since out of print. Cynthia wanted to redesign it and make it available to the whole Wisdom web as an invitation to each of us for reflection, prayer and meditation individually yet together in the heart of God. 

This free Holy Week offering focuses on the five parts of the Passion Libretto which include a short piece of written text, a part of the musical score (between 10-30 minutes), and a short video commentary (no longer than 15 minutes) by our teacher Cynthia. Cynthia shares that “each of the libretto’s five movements concentrates on one aspect of the whole bouquet of substituted love and why this cross was not the interruption of [Jesus’s] ministry but the consummation of it.” 

As we linger and meditate with a particular facet of substituted love each day, we will individually and collectively prepare ourselves to “come back to this rite of passage in our Christian faith and walk through it in our own time and in our own kind of anguish to see if we too can rest in the beauty and meaning and universal love out of what looks on the surface to be a pointless and tragic violence and wasting of life.” 

The journey begins Holy Monday, April 3.