Be present when walking through a doorway: An Inner Task Series by Roberta Chromey

Hello fellow travelers—I am honored to have been invited to share some of Mrs. Popoff’s “tasks” as offerings for the next eight weeks of inner task Fridays. 

Mrs. Irmis B. Popoff, known to some as Madam Popoff, was a close student of P.D. Ouspensky. She met Gurdjieff on one of his trips to New York, and was introduced to the movements and his dinners with the Idiots. In the early 70’s, her Long Island upper class, middle aged, group suddenly began to sprout long haired youth, finding their ways to her door. I became one of those students. My first introduction to active Work had to do with “tasks” that Mrs. Popoff would give at the end of our weekly group meetings.  

Our task for this week is to be Present each time we walk through a doorway upon entering or leaving a room. That is, have an awareness of your physical presence as it passes the threshold. Tip: sense your feet or your head as you pass through. Set an intention to work at this task each morning at the end of your morning sitting, meditation, prayer. Review how it went before going to sleep at night and re-set the intention for the next day. Then set the intention in the morning again. 

Inner Task Series by Roberta Chromey

Roberta Chromey posted this Inner Task Series to the Wisdom School Community on Facebook from January 6 – February 24, 2023 September 2 – October 21, 2022