Atmosphere Exercise with Heather Ruce

The following recording, guided by Wisdom leader Heather Ruce, is one of a selection of Gurdjieff exercises recommended by Cynthia.

As Cynthia explains:

This relatively straightforward exercise will help you to begin to settle down within your own atmosphere, keeping your being-energy contained and quiet under your conscious tending….

You may watch how the waves of thinking, emotion, agitation, wash across the still waters of your atmosphere. But if you simply “keep within,” not allowing yourself to be dragged outside its sphere, things will quiet down once again and the depths of a deeper, mysterious aliveness begin to emerge….

Learning to stay within one’s own atmosphere is not only responsible self-maintenance; it is also foundational group hygiene.

You can find Cynthia’s expanded commentary on this exercise here: “Atmosphere”: Commentaries on Elements of the Exercises

Audio of Guided Atmosphere Exercise

Recorded live on Zoom gathering April 22, 2022

Closing chant “Keep Within” by Paulette Meier – available on Bandcamp here.

Heather Ruce

Heather Ruce dedicates her life to the Christian Wisdom and Contemplative path, seeking to wake up and be a conscious servant. She brings the teachings of this path to those in search of living water, offering wisdom spiritual direction, circles, and retreats. She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband Charlie. She has been a life long seeker and an active participant in the Wisdom community since 2012 and is a member of the WWP Council.  

You can find more about Heather on her Wisdom Postholder profile here, and her website