A blessed Christmas, one and all!

Our wholeness is seen, known, and cherished. There is a fullness, a coherence, underlying all the seeming brokenness and randomness. Despair does not have the final word. On this festival day of Christmas, Jesus again steps forward as the symbol of that wholeness — not to deflect attention to himself, but rather to help us trust in this mysterious underlying coherence and allow it to work within us to bring us to fruition.

A blessed Christmas, one and all!


…and may your holidays be bright! From all of us at Northeast Wisdom/ Wisdom Waypoints


A Note from Northeast Wisdom/ Wisdom Waypoints:

The quote above is from Cynthia’s Bourgeault’s The Gospel of Thomas for Advent, Spirituality & Practice e-course, December 25, 2013 email. The course is available now at their website.

May we all, no matter what path we are on, walk with fullness, wholeness,
coherence and light in our inner lives and into our work in the world.


Images: Night Sky with Bright Star, courtesy of mr.vander, freepix; Prayer courtesy of the photographers at maxpixels.net, both cropped for this card. 




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