Holding the Post: Leadership Skills for Wisdom Practice Circles

What Cynthia has initiated is nothing short of remarkable. By crisscrossing this continent (as well as planting seeds all over the world) in a couple of short decades Cynthia has built the foundation of an emergent Wisdom community. But where do we go from here and how might we assist in this process…?

Group in circleMy sense is that at this juncture in time the propagation of Wisdom may best be spread by the further proliferation of Wisdom Practice Circles. These “at home” groups give participants the opportunity to share and deepen Wisdom practice. For some this affords the opportunity to put a toe in the waters of Wisdom in order to see if a Wisdom School might be the next step. For others who have had the experience of attending a Wisdom School, a Wisdom Practice Circle offers a chance to solidify, stabilize, and integrate the learnings that have taken place.

WindowBut besides how Wisdom Practice Circles might serve our individual development, they also serve to promote community. They become the gathering lights around which Wisdom students can be drawn and nurtured. Thus, community by community, we are gradually establishing Wisdom outposts that dot the landscape. And these Practices Circles are the means by which our Wisdom community is unfurling.

But who will initiate, organize, and lead these Wisdom Practice Circles? What are the qualifications for leadership? Are there requisite skills that are required?

While there is no certificate that can be earned, there are in fact specific skills and understandings that can equip a person to do this work.

So, who will initiate, organize, and lead these Wisdom Practice Circles? Maybe you will. But perhaps you would like some assistance in readying yourself for this post. This is precisely what our five-day training is designed to do. Along with Lois Barton and Deborah Welsh, we will guide participants through a conceptual and skills-oriented experience that will prepare you to do this work. I am convinced that the work of Wisdom Practice Circles and the training that prepares leaders to hold this post is the next order of business on the Wisdom agenda.

This training will take place at Hallelujah Farm, Chesterfield, NH, April 25 – 29. Details can be found on the Event page on this website. Reflections and comments from previous participants can be found on two Breaking Ground posts: “Seeing With the Eye of the Heart: Participants Reflect on the Wisdom Group Leadership Training” and “Creativity in Community.”

Please consider the possibility of joining us for this important work. For more information and/or to register contact Laura Ruth (laurampruth@gmail.com).

Courtesy of Laura Copeland

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