Communal Time of Prayer on behalf of Our World

GlobeYesterday morning a desire ‘arose’ from among our Wisdom community to have a ‘communal time of prayer’ on behalf of our world. Our local (Bethlehem) Wisdom member said: “I was drawn back to the powerful experience many of us had when you, Marcella, were up in Maine (in Feb) and we all ‘sat together’; different places but at the same time. Would it be possible for as many of the wisdom community as possible to pick a day and time to have a giant sit weekly? I feel that the light that would generate could only help”.

This resonated deeply within me, as what catapulted through me over the weekend was “FOR THIS…we were asked to go to Stonington for that prayer weekend in February” (see “Conscious Circle” Ingathering). THIS WAS WHAT WE WERE PRAYING ‘on behalf of’, what we were preparing for. The ‘sensation’ of this recognition was so strong Sunday night, it literally felt like I was being pulled out of bed, onto my knees on behalf of our world.

Then yesterday afternoon I met with one of my Law of Three midwife groups (see “To Midwife Third Force”: Creating Law of Three Midwife Groups) to be reminded that Charlottesville is the HOME TOWN of one of our group members, a UCC Clergy woman, who has been a chaplain at a Quaker school there for years. She aches for her community and is filled with grief, anger… and gratitude for all those working so hard to transform hate and show love. She shared, “It is like watching my family in crisis on TV”.

Truly the situation in Charlottesville is both devastating and ‘quieting’…

In RESPONSE, the suggestion is being raised for a ‘VIRTUAL’ sit on behalf of our world…on Tuesday mornings. A sit that we all do in our homes …”collectively”. I personally can commit to 9:00- 9:30 EST (6am PST)…others may need a bit earlier or a bit later. No worries…it is ‘all one prayer’. We will gather like this on Tuesdays until it no longer feels ‘needed’ in the same way.

Our work ‘in the realms’ is needed. OUR time is at hand…the ‘work of Wisdom’ is desperately needed…as ‘denying forces’ occur, Wisdom is at the ready…3rd force is needed… we have been prepared.


Helpful links from Marcella

Transforming the Heart of Suffering, an article on Tonglen, a form of prayer for times like these.

Become a Whole World, Darlene Franz’s Wisdom Chant that has been singing in me all week.

Please join us today…and on future Tuesdays. AND let us know if you are ‘in’!

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19 thoughts on “Communal Time of Prayer on behalf of Our World

  1. Wonderful idea that resonates with us all. FYI, 7:00 a.m. Is a time that works for us and others that need to meditate earlier.

  2. My regular sit time is somewhat earlier 8 am-ish EST. I will continue to include intention for 3rd force and the capacity to bear the needful.

  3. I’m in. I can sit at 7 am Eastern time or after 7 pm. If enough of us commit to different times on Tuesday, we will cover the entire day.

  4. I’m in, just earlier in the morning on Tuesdays. And the local Lutheran pastor and I are leading a special prayer service for peace and justice this coming Sunday evening (Aug. 20) at 6 pm, if you would like to add your presence to that time of prayer, too. Peace to all.

  5. I’m in on Tuesdays after my early Pilates class!
    Thank you for providing a way to pray for our hurting world that also tends to my hurting heart. It’s too easy to become angry or shut it all out. Prayer and silence heal.

  6. Thank you for this invitation. How miraculous this arising – I also felt it yesterday and invited my immediate circle to join together in centering prayer for the world. I would love to be part of this wider circle – could do Tuesdays – earlier – i.e. 7 AM or in the evening 6 PM or later. Blessings to all.
    – Mary Beth Clancy

  7. I’m in. Even though we are one in our collective prayers anyway, this is a such a time of angst that in coming together in community will serve at many levels in our hearts. Thank you.

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