2nd Annual Maine Wisdom Ingathering is Less Than a Month Away!

Our Second Annual Maine Wisdom Ingathering is now only a little more than a month away! This e-letter comes to bring you all up to date about how this year’s event is shaping up—and to announce that there are still places for a few last-minute recruits if you’re willing to arrange your own housing.

Stonington HarborOur program this year, June 4-11, 2017, will have two tracks. In the morning we’ll be continuing our work with Teilhard de Chardin, this year with a specific focus on what he might have to say to a world suddenly thrust into volatile and perilous circumstances. The title of our exploration is “A Survivor’s Guide to the Galaxy: Teilhard for Troubled Times.” We’ll be considering the ways in which his expansive evolutionary vision and deep mystical hope offer surprising new insights and resources for a world which all too often nowadays find itself steering rudderless.

And speaking of rudders…

In the afternoon, we’ll be exploring our local Celtic seafaring saint, St. Brendan the Navigator, by way of an original mystery play I created in his honor about twenty years ago. I’m envisioning this afternoon track as creatively staged lecture-discussion-scene study drawing us deeper into that perennial Wisdom genre, the voyage narrative, an obvious allegory for spiritual transformation. There will be roles for actors, musicians, boat-builders (at least stage-worthy boats, if not ocean worthy!), and of course, our inimitable children’s troupe!

And yes, music. Darlene Franz will be back once again to draw us deeper into wisdom chanting, joined this year by our own homegrown Celtic priest-harpist, The Rev. Debra Brewin-Wilson, and guest recorder artist Heather Vesey. Yes, there will be drumming, guitars, fiddling: a merry hullabaloo! And this year we’re expanding the chant repertory to include a “Taizé jam” as well: a chance to revisit your old favorites and learn a few new ones as well…

Allen Bourque will be back to lead us in daily Contemplative Movement, and Guthrie Sayen to lead us in daily Centering Prayer.

Owl Stool FurnitureAnd yes, there will be plenty of built-in time for local adventuring, shopping, and gourmet delights. The local Stonington merchants are as delighted you’re all coming as you are, and are already stocking up on those fresh-off-the-docks lobster rolls and home ground 44 North coffee. As a special treat this year, local furniture designer Geoff Warner, creator of the acclaimed Owl Stool, will be giving a talk on “The Ergonomics of Healthy Living” and leading a half-day “Build your own Owl Stool” workshop at his Stonington studio.

So it’s all good….and if you’re enticed to jump aboard for this family-friendly, laid-back, community-building, one of a kind event, do be in touch with our Ingathering coordinator, Wendy Johnston (christpath77@yahoo.com; 207-348-3093 H; 717-926-6912 C); she can help hook you up with our local rental housing agents and with others in our community who might want to share a rental. For more information, go to our event page on our website, and if you wish to register online, go directly to the online registration page.

A reminder that registration ($150 for an individual, $200 for families) plus balance due on any NEW-sponsored housing is due immediately. Please send your checks to Wendy Johnston, P.O. Box 608, Stonington, ME 04681.
I can’t wait to welcome you all once again to my home town. Safe travels and see you soon!

Looking forward to our time together!

Here are some photos from last year.


Wisdom children in Maine





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