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An Encounter with Evil Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault

In this timely advanced wisdom school course, Cynthia inquires into the nature and presence of evil as a discernible force, with a focus on these key questions: What is a useful, contemporary understanding of evil? How can we effectively deal with evil, at both an individual and collective scale?

Cynthia’s teachings draw from a wide variety of sources both spiritual and psychological, with the emphasis first and foremost on the practical: learning to recognize and shield oneself better from the toxic effects of prolonged exposure to evil; “speaking truth to power” in a way that wields real clout; and as necessary, drawing more intentionally and skillfully on assistance from realms beyond our own.

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Reflexiones sobre el amor costoso – Reflections on Costly Love

Reflexiones sobre el amor costoso – Reflections on Costly Love

We offer this post in both Spanish and English, with thanks to writers Carmen Horst and Marcela Huepe, and translator Bill Espinosa En su poema “Los Abedules,” el poeta estadounidense Roberto Frost escribe: “Ningún lugar hay, para el amor, como la tierra”[1]. Cynthia Bourgeault, sacerdote anglicana y maestra contemporánea en el camino de Sabiduría cristiana, estaría de acuerdo. En su libro, Jesús de la Sabiduría[2], Bourgeault señala que son justamente…

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Holy Saturday: A Journey Through Holy Week

Passion Libretto Part V: Remembrance  This is the final day of this six day Holy Week offering. On this Holy and still Saturday, in the Passion Libretto Part V: Remembrance, Cynthia reminds us there is nothing to be done, everything is in the grave. All that has been set in motion, is in gestation and nothing has…

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On the Gospel of Thomas

Hi Cynthia – I hope this Lent finds you well and thriving. I am teaching a class at the Episcopal Cathedral here in Kansas City on the Gospel of Thomas. Last night we looked at Logion 23, and some class members were understandably disturbed by its “exclusivity.” I know how I would like to interpret it…

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On Atheism

Hi Cynthia – As our human consciousness evolves and we hopefully become better cosmic servants, living with objectless awareness, are we then a-theistic? What/who are we worshiping? I would love your help in articulating if progressive Christians, rooted in the Wisdom tradition, can call themselves atheists? What is theism!!!???? Are we theistic? ~ Robin Junker-Boyce…

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Is it normal

Dear Cynthia, Hello from Hong Kong! Now with a bit more decorum . . . It’s taken me about six years of reading your work, Cynthia, and the writings of a good number of others within the Wisdom Tradition for its primary message to finally end its circuitous journey and land, at least in my…

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