Getting Started and Deepening on the Wisdom Path

If you’re new to us and just getting acquainted with the teachings of Cynthia Bourgeault and our Wisdom lineage, we’re glad you have found us! Welcome!

We have outlined a few suggested starting points below, as well as ideas for more seasoned students ready to take their learning and practice to a deeper level.  Wherever you find yourself on this path, we encourage you to explore with your heart and see where your interests lead you.


Foundational Books and Practices

You can find an overview and guide to the various themes in Cynthia’s books, and some suggested books to get you started, listed here:  Which of Cynthia’s books do I start with?

Here are two a few of our most common suggestions:

 The Wisdom Way of Knowing: Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart

In this small foundational book, Cynthia introduces a cornerstone of her teaching: the development of our awareness and capacities within our ‘three centers of knowing’.  This practical and enriching ‘Wisdom way of knowing’ is about utilizing our whole being, drawing from our intellectual center, emotional center, and moving center.  Through the unified use of all three centers we begin to know with “more of us”, not just “knowing more”.

Centering Prayer and Inner Awaking

A very good and practical place to begin a Wisdom practice is with Centering Prayer, a contemplative Christian meditation method. Cynthia consistently reminds her students that a mediation practice is vital, and Centering Prayer is the typical route.  In Cynthia’s book Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening she offers an overview of the practice and specific steps and pointers to get you started.

These are some additional resources to you help establish a Centering Prayer practice:

Centering Prayer – an on-demand online course with Cynthia Bourgeault offered by Spirituality & Practice

An Introduction to the Practice of Centering Prayer Audio teaching with Cynthia Bourgeault offered by The Contemplative Society

Once you are familiar with the practice, please feel free to join any of our online meditation sits, which you can find listed here: Wisdom Meditation – Online and Ongoing

Supportive Wisdom Practices and Teachings

Wisdom Waypoints hosts regular opportunities to engage with one of Cynthia’s books in a collective online gathering guided by leaders from our Wisdom community. Learn about Wisdom Practice Book Circles here.

Additional practices such chant, working with inner tasks, and embodiment exercises are supportive to a three-centered Wisdom approach.  We have numerous resources with guided instruction available on our website under Wisdom Resources. We encourage you to browse through at your leisure, and see what calls to you.

Wisdom Schools and Events

Online Wisdom Schools

A very helpful learning and practice opportunity for newcomers is participating in Cynthia’s Introductory Wisdom School, and its follow-up course called The Divine Exchange. Both are offered twice a year online by the Center for Action and Contemplation. 

In-person Wisdom Schools and Events

You can also find in-person Wisdom Schools and retreats offered by Cynthia and leaders in our community under our Event Listings

Community Events

Wisdom Waypoints also hosts regular online gatherings and events to share practice and fellowship with our growing, worldwide community.  Find Community Event Listings here.

Stay Connected

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We hope this provides some helpful ideas and suggestions to get you started. So glad to have you among Cynthia’s community of students!




 As a seasoned Wisdom student you are providing an example of wholehearted commitment along with your unique embodied articulation of this path. And as this Wisdom path is not a set curriculum, but an endless unfolding of learning, we offer a few suggestions for advancing the fullness of your knowing and being. 

Reading Recommendations for Going Deeper

If you’re already familiar with Cynthia’s books and Wisdom teachings, and are looking for an opportunity for ‘going deeper’ have a look here for a list of primary source materials and ‘Wisdom Classics’ compiled by Cynthia: A Wisdom Reading List – Compiled by Cynthia Bourgeault




Wisdom Waypoints aims to create supportive opportunities for your spiritual discoveries and growth, whether you are just getting started or already immersed in the Wisdom stream. The following are two options to experience spiritual witness and integration as we travel the Wisdom path in community:

  • One-on-one Wisdom Spiritual Companioning
  • Wisdom Group Spiritual Companioning

Find details for Spiritual Companioning in our Wisdom Community here.


“There is no bad place to begin. Simply open your heart and ask, trusting that the gift will come. Do what you can where you are. And be alert for the next step. However it leads you, your heart will know the way home.” 

~ Cynthia Bourgeault, The Wisdom Way of Knowing