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Origin & Omega

Transmitting the force of Presence

Benjamin Thomas and Jonathan Steele met in a barn. They have since joined together as founders of Origin and Omega. Together, they bring decades of textured experience working in the art of the transformation of consciousness and the science of seeking conscience. From a shared destiny, they’ve been guided through a threshold to co-inhabit one energetic body. Something more normal and widespread than is often openly acknowledged in our culture. What remains, so far, is a tangible clarity and simplicity of presence and purpose. This relational configuration follows the consistent cosmic pattern of such arrangements. One that always exists for the sake of service. And to this service we devote our lives. The energetic force of our individual lives multiplied through the modality of the arrangement of conscious love.

Origin and Omega has risen as an expression of this phenomenon as well as to answer the needs of a lack of direction regarding human purpose in Western culture. It has emerged as a small but vital part of the whole out of an ancient stream of Wisdom. Within the relational context of committed love and partnership, its roots are deep enough to withstand the energetic force of dynamic and evolutionary change we currently find in our Western cultural milieu. It is from this context that Origin and Omega works to offer the tangible foods of intention, attention, sincerity, and integrity through utilizing frameworks that facilitate the entrainment of placing the mind in the heart and the heart-mind in the feet.

So here we are. We sense the fruit of this configuration is to provide you pathways for sustained access to your own staying power in the unwavering presence you long for just beyond the tides of normal day-to-day egoic functioning. Where you can act from your truest nature. This is not about a place you go to but a place from where you come. In the space of a shared meditative heart we begin to learn how to see. And our seeing becomes synergistic, coinciding with cosmic and subtle patterns of causality that actually alter the trajectory of our world. It is precisely from this seeing that allows us to be – a more balanced presence that reverberates with energetic foods desperately needed on our planet.

It is here where we discover the link between ourselves as starting point and destination.

Origin and Omega is a vehicle for the transmission of presence through the dynamic reuniting of conscience and consciousness. The recognition that higher knowing does not exist without feeling from the whole.

Seeds in the Ground: An Experiential Introduction to Christian Wisdom

Join this 6-week introductory course on Christian Wisdom, co-facilitated by Benjamin Thomas and Jonathan Steele. Through the modalities of teaching, spiritual practice, and group engagement, Benjamin and Jonathan will co-create a container for Wisdom exploring six living themes of the Western Contemplative path.