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Tai Chi Tai Chi as Spiritual Practice
From Embodiment to the Mystical and Back

September 6 - October 14

Over centuries Tai Chi and Qigong have developed procedures for cultivating and expressing ever deeper levels of body-mind-spirit integration. Historically, a critical element in the practice of these forms is the group field generated while practicing together.  Over the past three years we have discovered that our virtual time together can actually support opening to other dimensions of energetic and indeed mystical relatedness.

In the fall sessions we will, as always, do simple movements cultivating individual integration (including our individual atmospheres/auras) and in each class open to and cultivate dimensions of the field among us. Classes are conducted on Zoom.

We are very excited to invite new members into our groups. Statements from current students below will give a sense of the possibilities. No previous tai chi or qigong experience required.


“Allen has an amazing gift of intensely focused observation coupled with a warm heartedness and celebration of small victories, that is helping me to revolutionize my relationship with my body.  I have lived most of my life as a very head centered person, and my body, while not totally ignored, has taken a major back seat, especially in the past two decades.  Allen’s class has helped me regain body awareness I had lost, and that has a huge impact on improving my sense of balance and stability on my own two feet, and an increased liveliness and flow of energy.” – Avril B.

“Through the sensation and embodiment work with Allen I’m starting to access dimensions of my systems that have been shut down for many years.” – MaryBeth C.

“Bingo. A minor epiphany on Route 78 somewhere in New Jersey, helping me understand what’s been happening that I’ve been trying to tune into these past few months: that feeling movement from the inside is getting me to my heart in a more complete and reliable way than I had previously experienced.” – Nancy KB.

In a few short months, I have come to deeply appreciate how Allen leads us in the exploration of ‘qi’ and weaving it into sensation-based wisdom principles. These qigong movements seem to be in mutually beneficial, exploratory dialogue with so much of the Gurdjieff exercises/movements. To be clear, you do end up feeling bodily exercised in each class, but there are also aspects of forming heart connections, developing self-knowing and experiencing web-connections with each other in the class. Again, I’m so glad to be part of this class.” – Yin Mei Lawrence

“Allen is truly gifted in guiding us … much like any true artist in the oftentimes very subtle nuances of their chosen way of bringing beauty into this world.  Allen has a direct beat on engendering Presence and Connection in his preceptive attention to detail and in his ability to mid-wife Spirit as embodiment via these ancient wellsprings he generously resources us with.  Allen additionally has a keen sixth sense for knowing what “tweak” a student needs to make to open up the body to the flow of Spirit within and in relationship to the “web” we form as a class.  It is powerful and palpable both as a student and as a group experience.  I find my body/heart praying before my mind even knows how it got “there.”  I encourage you to drink from this life giving  resource! – Tom A.

If you have questions or would like to register, email allen.bourque@gmail.com
You are welcome to try the first class before committing to the six weeks.  Scholarships available for those with limited resources.

Wednesdays: 7:30-8:30PM  Eastern Time, Sept. 6-Oct. 11. $140
Saturdays: 10:30-11:30 AM Eastern Time, Sept. 9-Oct. 14. $140

Allen has been studying tai chi and related internal arts for over 30 years and has been a Wisdom student for over ten years. His Daoist studies include with several master teachers such as Bruce Frantzis, Fong Ha and Don Ethan Miller. He has been teaching “straight” tai chi as well as tai chi as a spiritual practice for over 10 years. You can read more about Allen here.


September 6
October 14
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