A Tree Party

It’s amazing how leaves know to change color; how it’s lawful for them to undergo pigment shifts – like going to the hairdresser and getting highlights. God, the great October-November tree Hairdresser – offering free highlights each year! And then, depending on what the SKY is wearing that day, white sky brings an extravagant pop of gold and red, or blue sky enhances deep contrast and richness of hue.

I am in awe of nature’s palette each fall – as if just for us, there is a GALA that everyone (all trees!) are dressing up for – after All Hollow’s eve and the Fall Triduum, in preparation for Thanksgiving. As if in honor of all those who have passed on before us. As if there is a ceremony of rich and festive hues to celebrate the LIVING in both realms – here and beyond.

Just as trees push out white and pink lacy flowers for May day, with Spring and Easter dresses, so too in fall, trees deck out in grandeur – a riot of color, a chorus of harmonious beauty celebrating the fullness of life as they prepare to ‘die before they die’. “A Nature Parade”, “Show & Tell” – before letting go and returning to earth to nourish the next generation.

I am in awe of earth’s majesty, intense dazzling vibrations. It’s earth’s party, a TREE PARTY, in gratitude for yet another YEAR OF LIFE – the gifts, all the gifts, that this year of foliage have brought – such richness, abundance of harvest and delight. And then…it’s time for them to rest; to exhale, release and let go.

This year I think I’m going to bake a berry buckwheat pie in honor of earth’s magnificent lavish journey; gifting us with so much beauty, color and self-giving extravagance. Accompanying us deeply as we process toward Advent.

Let’s just pause and say thank you…thank you …thank you…for this GIFT OF LIFE, this gift of ALIVENESS… graciously given each year… so profusely displayed…as if, JUST for each one of us…a party is given. We are more companioned than we know!

(Written in a monthly poetry writing circle I participate in with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. Our theme this month was AWE)

(all images from pixabay)

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5 thoughts on “A Tree Party

  1. Marcella, Wow! Thanks so much. The words and the pictures together made me come alive. I grew up in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts and have never ‘hit the home front’ for the peak of foliage since. I seem to be either too early or too late. Now at 84 and not driving, I depend on experiences like the one you provided to ‘be there.’ I just want to linger …. your brother, John McMahon

  2. Marcella,
    Such a refreshing piece … I felt wonder, and a deep deep breath as I read this … the inhale and the exhale of receiving the gift of Autumn through your words, pictures … Nature, God’s first scripture!

    Grateful indeed! Thank you!

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