Hold Fast the Hope

Hold fast the hope, friends.

Despite everything being broadcast to us announcing a season of grim and impending planetary lockdown, I simply cannot bring myself to believe that this is the case. Somehow — (why do I intuit this so stubbornly?) — a corner has been quietly turned. I do not know how, but I know “yes.” It was the unexpected but pervasive presence of Mary at the Garrison retreat in mid-December that more than anything else delivered this assurance to my heart, together with its quietly shimmering touchstones: gentleness, tenderness, beauty.

Drink deeply of this draught, friends, and remain steady in your post.

Let us bear this gift of the Magi—the seekers of Wisdom—to our terrified planet in this the dark night of our collective human spirit.

Our cry has been heard.

God Bless,



We offer you this beautiful and inspiring chant from Paulette Meyer: Hold Fast the Hope

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1 thought on “Hold Fast the Hope

  1. I feel this too Cynthia. I can’t help it. These planetary events have forced a greater inner knowing and call to prayer. We have always lived with uncertainty and now this reality is more in our face. I can’t help but feel a greater intimacy with the planet and others. I sense that magi star coming…

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