Wisdom Practice Day

Hold fast the hope, which anchors the soul, which is sure and steadfast,
that you may float above the world’s sea.

Paulette Meier, Quaker Wisdom Chants

On August 28, 2021, Wisdom Waypoints hosted a worldwide practice day, gathering 275 Wisdom friends from around the globe for a deep dive into Christian contemplative practices.

Cynthia began our morning with a powerful welcome and reconvening of our larger network which has been unable to meet in person during the pandemic. She encouraged us to access the many resources of the new website where we can each be supported, both individually and in groups, both in person and online, as we strengthen our worldwide network as a force for hope in our world.

She led us through a clear teaching on the Welcoming Practice and reminded us of the importance of working skillfully with what moves us away from presence, especially in these challenging times.

As one participant stated:

“Cynthia’s opening remarks set the tone, being robust, passionate, and deeply convincing.”

As we moved through the morning we reviewed the method of Centering Prayer, meditated together, chanted, grounded together through body prayers and shared in group Lectio Divina. We concluded the morning with an inner task of being aware of our pace with whatever activity we engaged in as we moved into our hour-long break.

When we returned in the afternoon, we experienced together the Welcoming Practice by dropping into examples from our own lives. We reflected together with participant questions and comments, meditated and chanted, then gathered the deep graces of the day together.

We have had some lovely responses to our day:

Thanks so much to all of you for the work, planning and love that obviously went into every moment and every expression. What rich teachings and palpable community creating! I gained so much from the day and delighted in all the new faces. The timing could not have been more perfect also. Deep gratitude for all you are doing to hold and inhabit your important posts.

Gratitude for the welcoming atmosphere, the inclusivity, the encouragement to individualize our own paths given the vast range of offerings…the beautiful new website which is so generous with its offerings and very clear to navigate. This truly feels like a virtual sangha.

Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful clear document listing all the resources and including the notes from that which was shared on Saturday. I imagine you are all part of the team designing the new website which is equally substantial in it’s organization and comprehensiveness…just beautifully done. As a newcomer to the Wisdom Waypoints community I’m finding the entry into the teachings so welcoming and engaging. The retreat was so well prepared and although I was only able to attend the morning section, I found it really helpful. Many thanks!

There was a profound joy in coming together, to the very end of the day. A strong field of connection, a container knit of intention out across the world of long-time wisdom seekers to those just beginning to feel the yearning. We prayed, chanted, and deeply listened to the sacred and one another then spoke into our circle such beautiful vulnerability and trust.

We will be integrating your feedback and offering another practice day in April of 2022. In the meantime, please explore our website for ongoing meditation groups, many resources and periodic practice circles.

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  1. What a RICH RICH gathering this was! Delighted to have others be able to participate and receive this practice day! We will do it again in late April 2022. Stay tuned!

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