Online Options to Study with Cynthia Bourgeault: Available Now!

It occurred to me that people may want a little guidance as to how to pick and choose among the sudden embarrassment of riches of Cynthia Bourgeault online course options currently opening up for registration. Here’s a bit more information to help you make your selections:


I would love to have as many hands as possible on deck for the Spirituality & Practice e-course, Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm, which will launch February 18, 2021 and run through the six weeks of Lent. This is my pilot online course unpacking the material in my recent book Eye of the Heart. I will be trying to present the basic building blocks in a way that is broadly inclusive (even if you haven’t read Eye of the Heart) and practical, based in actual practices that people can do to help our entire planet through the perilous eye of the needle we’re collectively facing. If we could get a thousand people on this course—anchored by seasoned Wisdom students —we could change the world. No kidding. It’s a pretty easy pace: two-emails a week, with an accompanying spiritual practice, text for reflection, and 24/7 access to the Practice Circle, plus two zoom conferences, dates to be announced.

For more information click link above. To go directly to registration, click here: Spirituality & Practice: Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm with Cynthia Bourgeault.


If you haven’t yet taken an Introductory Wisdom School, here is your window of opportunity: the Online Introductory Wisdom School offered by the Center for Action and Contemplation, is now open for registration. With a March 3 launch date, ending June 8, 2021, this twelve-week course is a carefully crafted remake of the original course brilliantly filmed by Robbin Brent at our on-the-ground Wisdom School in North Carolina in 2015.

It’s both comprehensive and interactive and will cover all the material you would have covered in an on-the-ground school with a powerful ambience of the original still remaining. This course is the usual prerequisite for all further Wisdom Study, giving you both the basic concepts and the basic practices you need to get started on the right foot. It will also be offered again in the second half of 2021, so that may be a factor in your course selection.

To learn more about this course click the link above. Or, register here at CAC: Introductory Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault.


I’d like to call your special attention to The Divine Exchange, opening for registration on the CAC site on March 1. With a launch date on June 16 and ending September 21, 2021, this course is actually “Intro Wisdom, Part II.” It’s a deep dive into the notion of exchange—i.e., giving and receiving—both as it shows itself as the linchpin of Jesus’s teaching and as it emerges as the cornerstone of Christian Wisdom metaphysics in the notion of “exchange between the realms.” It’s the tie-rod connecting The Wisdom Jesus with Eye of the Heart, and laying out a powerful pathway of healing and practical action in our world today.

If you’ve taken an Introductory Wisdom School, this is your next step. If you haven’t…well, you can still do both courses consecutively if you’re up for a Wisdom marathon this summer…or you can take your chances and leap into Part II, then pick up Part I in the fall. I think this is actually manageable since the CAC course is so well shepherded and interactive, and I’d put it out there for your serious consideration. The Divine Exchange really does hold the key to how so many pieces of our broken world fit back together again, and the more of us that can be thinking in these terms, the more we can begin to articulate—and start walking—a visionary path of action, grounded in the heart of Christ.

To learn more: click the link above. To register: follow the link at the bottom of the page at the link above, after registration opens on March 1, 2021.

I hope to meet you on one course or the other…maybe all three!
Blessings, Cynthia

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3 thoughts on “Online Options to Study with Cynthia Bourgeault: Available Now!

  1. Thank you. I took the introductory Wisdom School Course and I really enjoyed it. The only thing I did not like was there was no zoom meeting. It was all pre-recorded and was somewhat impersonal. If there is a weekly zoom for the Divine Exchange, then I will sign up for it. If not, I don’t think I will sign up. I want to get involved with a weekly zoom group to discuss what we learned. I didn’t like the email exchanges.



  2. Cathy, if you follow thehyperlink on The Divine Exchange, it ought to lead you right to the CAC website, where the course is being offered. There you’ll find all the details. The lectures themselves are pre-recorded, but as I understand it, the overall group is divided into smaller groups, each of which is assigned a teaching assistant. I am not sure whether the TA interactive mode involves a weekly zoom meeting, but you can find out on the CAC site. If have have any trouble with any of this, get back to us here. Several of the people in our Wisdom community have served as TA’s for the Introductory course, and I’m sure we can come up with the information “in house.” Welcome!

  3. Hi

    My name is Cathy and I am interested in this course. Will Cynthia be teaching this course live through zoom or will it be all pre-recorded. If it’s pre-recorded, will there be weekly zoom meetings. What day is this available? My email address is thank you for your time and help.

    Blessings, peace and love,


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