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Beach heartI am still on low to non-existent solar power on Eagle Island, but I want you to know that I am moved, encouraged, and overjoyed by this outpouring of response. In proper Advent fashion, I’m pondering all of this in my heart, and will be back on this blogspot in the near future with further clarifications and musings. In the meantime, I can feel that the BODY of our presence is already out there, quickened, and that its presence on the scene is now already a reality…for which I give thanks from the depths of my heart.



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2 thoughts on “Your Comments to My Post-Apocalyptic Blog Post

  1. I’m in! It is a good time to return to Tarnus who helps us see the larger picture. I keep Clarisa Pinkola Estes, “Take heart my friends, we were born for these times” foremost in my mind. Everything we have done so far is preparation. Remaining steadfast is the challenge and I thank you for your guidance in this great collective call. Gurdjieff’s tome has sat on my shelf for years. I dip into it from time to time but have never given it the serious study it deserves. Guess this is the year for it. I’ll return to my print-outs from your on-loine course on Gurdjieff for support and await future blogs.

  2. Dear Cynthia
    Thank you so much for this post. I have been feverishly reading the Guardian and the Times (in the UK) in the hope of coming to some sort of resolution and acceptance over this year’s Brexit and American election. However your posts have spoken to something in me that a purely rational analysis, although helpful, cannot do. I felt a sense of stillness reading this, although as you say it is not about being sanguine. Thank you for facing it all and for expressing your sense of foreboding but also deeper recognition of the unfolding of consciousness in deep time. I really appreciate this, all best wishes, Claire Carruthers

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