Faith, Hope, and Love
Our Inaugural Fundraising Campaign

Dear Wisdom Friends,

This email comes to invite you all, as dedicated Wisdom students, to rally behind Northeast Wisdom’s pilot fundraising campaign.

As you know, Northeast Wisdom came into being a little over a year ago through a founding bequest from Helen Daly, with the express purpose of nurturing the growth and transmission of the Christian Wisdom lineage—particularly, its growth and transmission in our own neck of the woods (New England and the Mid-Atlantic region.) “Seed globally, nurture locally” was Helen’s founding vision and our own. Through her vision and generosity we were able to birth an organization, establish a website, and develop a strong regional teaching presence.

Helen’s initiative got us off the ground, but the expectation has been that we will fly with our own wings. If Northeast Wisdom is to fully realize the legacy of “faith, hope, and love” vested in us, we need to be increasingly about developing our longterm sustainability and broadbased membership support. I invite each one of you reading this invitation to become active co-creators in this work.

Your contributions provide direct support to our program and teachers, mentorship for upcoming Wisdom teachers, scholarships for students at all levels, and resources to fuel a growing network of practice circles — plus the continued research, curriculum development, spiritual practice, and hermit time (Oh, thank you in advance!!) that keeps the whole operation honest.

They also let us know that you’re out there, and that you care.

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8.5″ x 10″

As an additional incentive—or synchronicity—this year, we would like to acknowledge our charter supporting donors by gifting you with a print of “The Mystic and her Mystical Cat,” created by Sr. Marion Honors, CSJ, in celebration of my faithful traveling companion Lily, who died this past year. An accomplished graphic artist, Sr. Marion was also one of Lily’s most faithful cat sitters, and her “icon” (as she calls it) is truly a labor of love. We will gratefully send a signed (by me) and personally blessed print, suitable for matting and framing, to all who contribute at least $300 to our inaugural campaign.

To participate, please go to our Contribute page where you will find instructions. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Even more than your financial contributions, we value your comments and reflections. Please feel free to share them freely below, or on the donation form, or at any time by email or letter.

I thank you in advance for helping Northeast Wisdom take this next step in the journey.




Click here to go to our Contribute page.

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1 thought on “Faith, Hope, and Love<br>Our Inaugural Fundraising Campaign

  1. Cynthia, I am thrilled for you to have the new Northeast Wisdom website live. Thank you for welcoming your West Coast Wisdom students to your latest teaching opportunities. We are all looking forward to seeing you at La Casa de Maria in February. It is an honor to call you my teacher and support you in your much needed hermit time.

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