Greetings Cynthia,
I just completed your online course, Introduction to Wisdom School (excellent!) and have a question about the concept of oneness. Why do you think this notion was overlooked in the Gospels and when did this occur? Was there pressure to keep a story that supported empire building and expansion of Christianity in a way that anyone could understand?

Thanks, Dorothy (aka Jane)

I don’t think oneness was overlooked in the gospels. It beams out loud and clear whenever Jesus speaks—or even just walks across the pages. But I think that most of the disciples were not there yet, not yet ready to comprehend where he was coming from, so they transmitted what they knew—their “stage” rather than their “state” in Ken Wilber language. There was no overt plot of domination or division; that’s just the default position things revert to in the outer world when oneness has not yet been stabilized inside as the seat of identity in the inner world.