I Am Here Body Prayer

Background for the I AM HERE Body Prayer

This body prayer begins by grounding the being in wholeness and incorporates the three universal gestures of creation: bowing, opening, and filling. The body prayer evolved out of the origin or incarnation Story. We began in wholeness, in vibrant silence, and dynamic stillness, pure potential and being. The vibration of sound and light danced us into being, into shape and form, with the three universal gestures of creation expressed in the body prayer as Bowing, Opening, and Filling. Simply stated, we are the living ‘Law of Three’. These universal gestures of creation can also be expressed as:

  • Emptying, Receiving, Filling
  • Contraction, Expansion, Pause
  • Denying, Affirming, Reconciling

Sequence for the I AM HERE Body Prayer

The practice requires a gentle attention as it follows a sequence of four postures and a set of three words which rotate through each position. It can be helpful to watch the video below and download the illustrated I Am Here Instructions (PDF) here. Here are the steps as well as a summary outline of each round:

  1. Begin in Being, standing upright, still, and silent.
  2. Gently move into Bowing forward with hands gathered in a prayer position. In this posture we embody our willingness and intention to empty ourselves. You can say aloud “I” or simply allow the word to form silently and inwardly.
  3. Straighten up with hands extended outward, in a gesture of Opening to receive. Say aloud or inwardly “AM.”
  4. The next posture represents Filling our hearts, with hands returned together resting at heart center.  The word at this step is “HERE.” Pause and sense into the experience of being here, exactly where you are, and connected to all that is.

When ready begin a new round standing tall, and this time the word “I” accompanies this upright and still position. Then bow forward with the word “AM.”  Complete this round upright with arms extended and the word “HERE.” The third round starts with hands at heart center and the word “I” and then standing still  with “AM” and completing with a bow and “HERE.” The final round starts with arms extending up and out with “I” followed by hands at heart center with “AM” and completing with standing at rest and still with the word “HERE.” You may want to start with saying the prayer words aloud with the gestures, then move into the gestures in silence. End your prayer time with a time of silence, feeling the connection with the whole of you, with all others, with the Divine.  


  • We begin in Being in Silence, pure Potential.
  • Then a Bowing, an emptying to fill.
  • Then Opening to receive.
  • Then Filling the heart, radiating through the body.
  • Returning to Being, connected to all there is.


  • Being
  • Bowing
  • Opening


  • Filling
  • Being
  • Bowing


  • Opening
  • Filling
  • Being