First force

During the Trinity retreat I think I heard you say Donald Trump was the third force.  I have been working with Law of Three to attune my view to discern the three forces. If Donald Trump is the third force, what is the first force and the second force? 

~ Martha       

First force: the liberal progressive establishment, symbolized in the Obama/Clinton lineage and the postmodern worldview with its elitist intellectual assumptions and liberal/politically correct social agenda. Second force: the conservative/populist, religious right, alt-right sector, smarting under the condescension of the entitled majority. What Donald Trump managed to do as third force was to coalesce this (unfelicitously dubbed) “basket of deplorables” into a veritable volcano, in the process reversing first and second force: a typical resolution in Law of Three new arisings. I used this example to reinforce my warning that third force is morally neutral; it should not be automatically equated with “grace” or “the holy spirit.” It is simply whatever breaks the impasse and establishes a new configuration.