Exploring the Encounter with Evil from a Wisdom Perspective – Video Conversation with Cynthia Bourgeault

In this recorded conversation, community leaders Jeanine Siler Jones and Heather Ruce speak with Cynthia Bourgeault on “Exploring the Encounter with Evil from a Wisdom Perspective, an important and timely topic, and theme of various Wisdom Schools that Cynthia will be offering over the coming months. 

Cynthia shares with the Wisdom network what drew her to this topic as a teaching focus. Because of the challenging nature of this content, Wisdom Waypoints wanted to offer this conversation to create a context for this potent and meaningful exploration. We offer this conversation as a gift to the community, as a first taste of the topic to reflect on over the weeks ahead and into the New Year. Know it will be here for you when the time is right for you to engage this thought-provoking material. Due to the complexity of this content, we trust that as you begin to engage with the teaching you will seek any support you need, knowing that, as Cynthia says, we already are tethered to an umbilical cord of Love that protects and grounds us through our Wisdom lineage.

Download and/or listen to the audio-only recording here:

Forthcoming opportunities for further exploration:

In 2023 there will be opportunities through reading, reflection, and participation in Wisdom Schools on the ground and virtually, for a deeper dive into this topic through the empowering lens of Wisdom. Sign up for our regular email updates and watch for additions to our listings under Cynthia’s Events as details become available.

Our deep thanks to community leaders Jeanine Siler-Jones and Heather Ruce for their skillful hosting of this conversation, and to our teacher Cynthia Bourgeault for her wise guidance and willingness to engage the relevant and challenging issues of our times.