Cynthia Open Us About Her New Book Eye of the Heart on the Goop Podcast

A Different Way to Live Virtuously

Are we all just irrelevant specs? Does our life actually have meaning? Listen to Cynthia Bourgeault discuss her newest book, Eye of the Heart, on the latest goop Podcast.

Cynthia joins the Goop team to discuss key existential questions that come forth for many of us, including:

  • Are we all just irrelevant specs?
  • Does our life actually have meaning?

According to Bourgeault, while humans are not the center of everything, our actions have profound influence on the well-being of the planet (and a system that extends beyond it). She says that a lack of consciousness has led to much of the mess we’re currently in, and she explains how we all play a particular role in amending the damage. Cynthia talks through how our fear of dying is problematic (and what a different approach to death could look like), what it truly means to live virtuously, and whether or not she’s hopeful for the future. (Spoiler: Mostly, she is).

Eye of the Heart investigates the mystical depths of the imaginal realm.—an energetic realm well known to the mystical traditions but often forgotten in our own times. Though invisible to the physical eye, it is clearly perceptible through the eye of the heart.

The imaginal realm has long been associated with the personal world of dreams, prophecy, and oracles, and it also points toward a higher vision of our human purpose that is both evolutionary and collective. Roger Lipsey, author Gurdjieff Reconsidered, writes, Eye of the Heart is an immensely original piece of thinking, feeling, writing. There is nothing like it. It opens new terrain, plants new seeds, starts them on their way toward the light.” In this unique book, Cynthia opens up our hearts to the imaginal realm, speaking to those of us with a lifelong longing for oneness with God.

Eye of the Heart is available now from Shambhala Publications. Listen to Cynthia unpack this mystical wisdom in the September 2020 podcast episode A Different Way to Live Virtuously.