Cynthia, I, along with a group of our sisters, recently finished listening to Non duality, seriously? They loved it and so did I. During your presentation you talked at various times about felt sense! I was wondering if you are familiar with Peter Campbell and Ed McMahon, BIOSPIRITUAL Focusing? I remember that you posed the question that seemed to inquire about anyone doing what they call body memory. Their work adds to Gendlin’s Focusing by including the “God piece.” Thank you so much for continuing to unpack for us the meaning of non duality as we plow forward in our God knowing as it unfolds in each of us.

~ Jeannette

Thanks for this welcome addition to the conversation, Jeannette. Yep—predictably, I should expect—I first made the acquaintance of this book a year or so ago in Aspen. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of our wider audience.