Alibrando’s book

I wonder if you’ve come across Sam Alibrando’s book: The 3 Dimensions of Emotion. After reading your guest posts for CAC this week on the law of 3, I thought there was interesting resonance. One extension could be that the 3rd force-creative and reconciling-is dynamic in that the context calls it forth for one prepared to respond (like a midwife): the energy used is likely objective in the inclusive sense of being true, but the energy can be quite different experientially and not always objective in the dispassionate sense (similar to Enneagram head/heart/body energies).

Thanks for your work! Look forward to reading your book.

~ Darryl

Hi Darryl,

I haven’t read the book, but this looks like a subtle and yes, highly resonant cross-pollination. Do dig in !

All blessings,