A Simple Immediacy: Desert Wisdom for Advent

Teachings from the Desert Fathers and Mothers on classic Advent themes.

The Desert Fathers and Mothers of the fourth and fifth centuries are arguably the first Wisdom School in Christian history. At first in trickles and then in waves, they fled into the deserts of Egypt and Syria to escape the increasing imperialization of the Christian Church and to live in a simple immediacy with the Risen Christ. In the process, they generated an extraordinary body of practical teachings on the spiritual practices underlying this life of deeper awareness and mystical union.

These desert pioneers were men and women of few words. Like Wisdom masters everywhere, they preferred to teach in short, often koan-like, sayings and examples. Their legacy of spiritual wisdom exists primarily as a body of short “pith sayings” and teaching examples, faithfully transmitted down through the ages.

Although you can take this e-course at any time you wish, this body of wisdom is perfect for the Advent season. The goal is to prepare the body and psyche to live at a greater level of conscious mindfulness and compassionate gratitude — i.e., “Christ consciousness” — as Christians worldwide prepare each year to celebrate the birth of the human Jesus and the eternal rebirth of that Christ consciousness in the human heart. Several of the sessions refer to Advent imagery and themes.

Although sometimes pictured as ascetic “extremists,” the Desert Fathers and Mothers are actually more characterized by their moderation and spiritual groundedness. Balance and sustainability are their watchwords. In the Advent “windows” you’ll open each day during this e-retreat, you’ll hear their take on some of the classic Advent themes: staying awake, compassion, vigilance, humility. You’ll also receive their timely practical advice on matters such as maintaining moderation in a season of excess, keeping the real priorities front and center, and learning to give (and receive) from the heart.

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