50 “Thin” Days of Easter: A Wager – Week 7

Just as Jesus followed the path from fully enfleshed human being to lightly enfleshed human being, to “pneumatic corporeity”– pure spiritual energy but unmistakably himself – so, too, the Pentecostal Trinity seems to extend the invitation to follow his path of “pure flame”, as the wick and tallow of our human lives are set ablaze in love to release the imperishable fragrance of our own true selfhood. Not to flinch from the “holocaust of becoming” constitutes both the great challenge and the great possibility.

The Holy Spirit bears within itself a dimension that is all too easily overlooked if we simply think of it as “higher spiritual energy” coming from above. The Spirit comes equally “from below”. It bears within it the deep imprint of Jesus’s human life and, because of this, a sensitivity to our human limitations and weaknesses that come from “having been there.” The Holy Spirit bears the face and heart of Jesus; it is an encounter in non-bodily form, with the imperishable aliveness of this person.

~ from The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, p. 172