50 “Thin” Days of Easter: A Wager – Week 1

For the first 40 days [post Easter] Jesus is back on the planet among his friends, and disciples, offering his final teaching and transmissions by way of a series of miraculous visitations known collectively as the resurrection appearances. Next comes the ascension…. then 10 days of hushed expectant waiting. Then comes the promised fiery descent of the Holy Spirit, which Christians celebrate as Pentecost.

I believe firmly that during these great fifty days of Easter, that same invitation is extended to each one of us: to catch the drift of what Jesus is really inviting us to and to deepen our capacity to receive the intense spiritual energy available to us during this sacred season as a catapult to our own transformation.

Jesus, the living master, is real, alive, intimately and vibrantly enfolding you right now. He is more present, in fact, than even your breath and your heartbeat.

But to really know this presence you need to tune in on a different wavelength: to shift from your usual binary operating system to the heart frequency where this Jesus connection broadcasts.

~ from The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault, pp. 125-126, 136

Special thanks to Marcella Kraybill-Greggo for compiling this 7-week collection of Eastertide resources.