Practice Wisdom

Deepen your wisdom practice! Join an online chant or meditation group, practice mindfulness and embodied awareness. Explore daily inner work practices to keep you awake and alive through each day.

Deepen Your Wisdom Practice

Join Zoom Meditation

Join us for a 30 minute collective Wisdom Pause “for Silence and Stillness,” hosted by members of our worldwide community network. You are welcome to practice Centering Prayer or any silent meditation for our sits.

Wisdom Chant

Chanting is at the heart of all sacred traditions worldwide, and fundamentally a deep-immersion experience in the creative power of the universe itself. For more than a thousand years Christian Benedictine monks lifted their voices to God in Gregorian chant. In more recent times Christian chant has moved closer into line with most the world’s other great Wisdom traditions in preferring a more simple, more repetitive form of chanting that encourages contemplation and a more direct community participation.

Learn from our Wisdom chant leaders, or join us for weekly community chant sessions online.

Where are your feet?

Knowing with all of you – mind, heart and body

Work with an Inner Task

Practical work becomes “conscious work” as you learn to use the ordinary outer tasks of your day as a laboratory for inner awakening.

Find a Local Practice Circle

Wisdom Waypoints supports an extensive network of Wisdom Practice Circles where participants have a regular opportunity to deepen the foundational practices which support a Wisdom way of knowing (Centering Prayer and other forms of meditation, lectio divina, sacred chanting, and mindful work) and to share in study, conversation, fellowship, and wherever available, interspiritual dialogue.

Still Waters, Living Waters

Dive even deeper on your journey