The Cosmic Cost of Arising

Key topics and themes included in this session:

1. Introduction to the Session

  • Mention of Holy Week and the flexibility of the early days for broader contemplation
  • Intention to address a central question of Holy Week within the Christian tradition
  • Acknowledgment of the inner conflict many have with their religious upbringing

2. The Core Question of Holy Week

  • Teilhard de Chardin’s assertion about the cosmic nature of Christianity
  • The challenge of validating Christianity’s claims in a 14 billion-year-old universe
  • The speaker’s desire to explore Christianity as a realistic and cosmic faith

3. The Cosmic Claim of Christianity

  • Early Christian belief in the cosmic power of Jesus’s death and resurrection
  • The spread of Christianity due to this belief
  • The difficulty of accepting this claim in modern times
  • The tendency of liberal Christians to dismiss or downsize the significance of Jesus’s death

4. The Unraveling of Traditional Christian Narrative

  • The impact of scientific discoveries on the story of Adam and Eve
  • Teilhard de Chardin’s silencing for challenging literal biblical interpretations
  • The church’s intuition about the cosmic cost of existence

5. The Cost of Arising and Shared Responsibility

  • The shared cosmic cost across all orders of creation
  • Gurdjieff’s perspective on the cost to be paid and voluntary self-offering
  • The importance of stepping up to the plate and contributing to the cosmic order

6. Gurdjieff’s Ray of Creation and the Chiasm of Consciousness

  • The speaker’s interpretation of Gurdjieff’s ray of creation as a chiasm
  • The positioning of World 24 as the epicenter of the chiasm
  • The association of the Kingdom of Heaven with the Kesdjan body and the realm of the personal

7. The Significance of Jesus’s Sacrifice

  • Jesus’s actions as a potential opening for new possibilities for humanity
  • The speaker’s belief in the cosmogonic power of Jesus’s sacrifice within the realm of the personal

8. Teilhard de Chardin’s Perspective on the Realm of the Persona

  • A passage from “The Human Phenomenon” discussing the transformation of the world’s indifference into solicitude in the sphere of the personal

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