An Imaginal Vigil

Key topics and themes included in this session:

1. Introduction to the Exercises and Their Significance

  • 51 and 53 exercises were performed
  • Small different possibilities follow these exercises
  • Encouragement to ask questions for clarification

2. Gratitude for Participants’ Work

  • Acknowledgment of the special effort made by participants
  • Thanks given for the work done

3. Reflection on the Previous Discussion and Exercises

  • Overflow of the pouring subject and its embodiment
  • Invitation to practice exercises instead of ruminating on personal history
  • Concept of growing a second body as a commitment to self-development

4. Vesna’s Musical Interlude

  • “Hymn for Good Friday” played by Vesna

5. Overview of the Day’s Rhythm and Theme

  • Shift in activities and rhythm due to Good Friday
  • The global Christian practice of commemorating Christ’s crucifixion
  • The cosmic balance affected by collective prayer and remembrance

6. Discussion of Cosmic Redemption and the Christian Mystery

  • The theological claim of Jesus’ crucifixion redeeming the world
  • The metaphysical perspective versus a feeling-centered approach
  • The necessity of atonement in Christianity

7. The Cost of Human Arising and its Cosmic Implications

  • The traditional view of human sin causing the fall from perfection
  • Challenges to this view from scientific discoveries (e.g., evolution)
  • Reimagining the story with the cost of arising as a cosmic issue

8. Jacob Boehme’s Vision of Creation

  • Boehme’s revelation of how form arises from formlessness
  • The division into affirming, denying, and reconciling forces
  • The emergence of consciousness and sentiency

9. The Role of Craving and Love in Creation

  • The transformation of craving (eros) into self-offering love (agape)
  • The significance of Jesus’ sacrifice in this cosmic process

10. Contributions From 20th-Century Theologians

  • Ladislaus Boros’ views on death and the afterlife
  • Karl Rahner and Teilhard de Chardin on Jesus’ descent to the heart of the earth
  • The saturating of the world with redemptive love

11. The Significance of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

  • The activation of redemption through Jesus’ death
  • The pan-cosmic presence of Jesus after his crucifixion
  • The role of Mary Magdalene in the narrative

12. Personal Reflections and Teachings on the Topic

  • Cynthia Bourgeault’s insights and interpretations of the cosmic redemption
  • The transformative potential of intentional suffering and love

13. Questions and Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Suggested starting points for reading Jacob Boehme
  • Recommendation of the book “The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three”
  • Mention of Ephrata Cloisters as a place of interest related to Boehme’s teachings

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