Wisdom Work in Progress

One of the unique aspects of the Wisdom tradition is that it “calls us to the things of this world.” It does not encourage a retreat into some private interior sanctuary, but consciously positions itself at that “intersection of the timeless with time,” in order to bring a Wisdom perspective (and occasional third force!) to a world at impasse. 

At Wisdom Waypoints we take this mandate seriously. As we look at a planet on the cusp of ecological catastrophe and traditional political, religious, and cultural institutions in serious disarray, we are committed to helping bridge. the gap between traditional knowledge and practices that have held the world on course for many thousands of years and the unprecedented rate of change in our own time. Our “Work in Progress” projects are intentional initiatives to bring Wisdom students together to tackle important issues of our times. If you are interested in keeping more closely apprised of what’s going on in either of our two current projects—or of sparkplugging a new initiative yourself—please use the form below to make your interest known.

Current Projects

Wisdom For Kids

Kids take to wisdom like ducklings take to water because it fits their learning style: embodied, practical, creative, open-ended. They are the next generation of Wisdom, and at Wisdom Waypoints we take them seriously. Work is underway and ongoing to collect a series of Wisdom resources (chants, activities, teachings) that are authentic and kid-appropriate. You are welcome to join us in this work.

Civics for Wisdom Students

In response to the ongoing political turmoil in the United States and around the world, Wisdom Waypoints launched a major initiative in fall 2020 to bring a Wisdom perspective to the impasse. The work involves both research and teaching, but it also involves—much more challengingly—learning to maintain a certain quality of inner balance that does not find itself merely swept downstream into liberal-progressive political siloes. Drawing on our own Wisdom network of seasoned lawyers, policy makers, and educators, we are in the process of developing a whole new curriculum for teaching and skillful action, approached from the perspective of conscious evolution. We are particularly interested in delving deeper into interface between the “common good” as it has been traditionally understood in the political spectrum and as it is now emerging at the leading edge of contemporary integral evolutionary theory.  

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