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Here you’ll find a rich feast of video and podcast resources from various sources and partnering organizations.

Eastertide Wisdom Community Practice Half Day Recordings

Here are the recordings from the Eastertide Wisdom Practice Half Day held on Saturday, May 20th. This day was situated in one of Cynthia’s favorite thin times of the liturgical year, the holy hush between Ascension and Pentecost when the resurrected Christ has ascended but the Pentecost not yet descended. It was a day was for anyone wanting…

A Journey Through Holy Week: A Passion Libretto

This is a Six Day free Holy Week offering on the Passion Libretto from Cynthia and Wisdom Waypoints. The idea to offer this gift to the Wisdom network came into being after an inquiry for leads on a Passion Libretto that Cynthia put together back in 2004. It was for a new choral piece, an original Holy Week oratorio,…

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Wisdom EQUINOX PAUSE – Event Recording

Marcella Kraybill-Greggo and Penny Joy Day gently guide us through a contemplative PAUSE to honor the Equinox in both the northern and the southern hemisphere, March 2022

Cynthia addresses the Wisdom Community

Wisdom Waypoints (formerly Northeast Wisdom) hosted its first Wisdom Practice Day on August 28, 2021. This video contains Cynthia’s opening remarks about the state of the Wisdom Community.


Here you’ll find a rich feast of audio resources from various sources and partnering organizations.

Audio Recordings by Wisdom Waypoints

Recordings from the Contemplative Society

Find the full catalog of Audios for purchase from The Contemplative Society HERE

Recordings with Cynthia Bourgeault

Conscious Love

In this newly revised teaching, Cynthia Bourgeault explores how conscious love flows from our deeper selves, beyond identification, craving, wanting, and needing. We discover that conscious love abides beyond all emotional states and polarities in a place where boundaries are diminished and our egoic perceptions dissolve. By living from this deep and ever present wellspring,…

Contemplative Remembering

How can ancient contemplative skills contribute to the needs of today’s world? In this teaching, Cynthia Bourgeault offers a compelling answer. In particular, she addresses the modern dilemma of how to end the cycles of violence between individuals, religions, and cultures without dishonouring or discounting those who have been victimized. Drawing on the seminal work…

Deepening the Practice of Centering Prayer

In this five-day deep immersion retreat, Cynthia moves beyond the scope of introductory Centering Prayer material to focus on the true self and its expression in the world around us. We discover that it is through spiritual non-possessiveness, surrender, and self-emptying that our essence becomes connected to the flow of Being Itself. This path is…

Desert Fathers and Mothers

Be prepared to discover in this set of teachings the original desert fathers and mothers in a whole new way—as Christian disciples and sages. Cynthia begins by exploring how the desert is a perfect setting both physically and metaphorically for the spiritual seeker. You are invited to recognize your own personal desert and to work…

Going Deeper into the Mystery of Christ

In this recording, Cynthia Bourgeault looks at some of the great mystical texts in the Christian tradition that speak, for example, of “all things being gathered into Christ,” and “the image of the unseen God.” She asks, “Is there a fundamental law, an organizing principle in this particular space time continuum, in this great relational…

Teilhard: A Visionary for Our Time

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a Jesuit priest, a mystic, and a well known paleontologist. He devoted his life to bridging the scientific and spiritual dimensions of human existence. In this recording, Cynthia presents Teilhard’s vision in a way that provides us with direction and hope for engaging with today’s local and global concerns.…

The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

In her book, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, Cynthia Bourgeault explores the hidden—or forgotten—nature of the traditional Christian symbol, the Trinity. She enriches Christian theology and history on the subject with G.I. Gurdjieff’s Laws of Three and Seven, discovering a guiding principle to help mend and evolve Christianity, humanity, and our relationship to the…

Through Holy Week with Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the apostle to the apostles, a wisdom teacher, a contemplative, a woman of spiritual purity, a bold and tenacious witness, and Jesus’ beloved companion—these views of the so-called healed prostitute are unfamiliar to most of us; nevertheless, they are views supported by growing evidence from biblical and ancient text scholarship. Cynthia Bourgeault…

Christophany: Experiencing the Fullness of Christianity

Delving deeply in Raimon Panikkar’s book Christophany: The Fullness of Man, Cynthia Bourgeault deftly illuminates this extraordinary cosmological vision, and boldly asserts “…these are ideas that could change the face of Christianity!”

Recordings with Matthew Wright

Eye of the Heart with Matthew Wright

In this set Matthew Wright guides us deep into the Jesus wisdom tradition, a heart-centered (rather than a purely mind-centered) journey toward being fully human while grounded in cosmic oneness. He ties together the wisdom gleaned from the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and Teilhard de Chardin’s writings. The main themes of…

The Way of Union: Teaching by Matthew Wright

In this retreat recording, Matthew Wright guides us through an insightful comparison of the two great mystical traditions of Christianity and Sufism. He describes the historic setting of Islam and introduces us to the teachings of Muhammad, Ibn al-Arabi and other Sufi writers. At the same time he draws parallels to the wisdom gospels of…