Orientation Tour with Tutorials

Welcome to our all-new Wisdom Waypoints website (formerly Northeast Wisdom). It’s organized to be user-friendly and pretty much self-explanatory, but here are a few basic pointers to help you find your way around.

The website is divided into four major sections: Connect, Learn, Practice, and Meet Cynthia:

CONNECT is where you go to connect with the “home office” or other people around the network. Here you’ll find our popular community forum, updates from the Wisdom Council, and a directory of local practice circles and emerging wisdom leaders.

LEARN is our “virtual Wisdom University:” Here you’ll find a wealth of books, audios and videos, online courses, Wisdom quotes to ponder, and lots more bread for the journey.

PRACTICE connects you to a growing archive of daily practices to support you in your journey: meditation, sacred chanting, embodiment practices—and a whole lot more.

MEET CYNTHIA introduces our founding teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault, and showcases her work.

All of these sections are listed on the top bar on every page. If you click on any one of these, it opens to a pull-down menu where you can hone in even more closely on what you want.

In addition, you’ll find there on the top bar the features DONATE and CALENDAR. Donate opens directly to a page where you can make a direct contribution to support Wisdom Waypoints. CALENDAR will lead you to a comprehensive list of all upcoming events both on-the-ground and online. You can filter it for “All Events,” “Cynthia Events,” or “Community Events” by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the events page.


One of the most important features of our website is our powerful new search engine, which will allow you to search all Wisdom resources on this site by author, category, topic, or simply a key phrase. You can access the search engine from many places on the site, but the most direct route is under the CONNECT, LEARN and PRACTICE tabs on the top bar. Scroll down the menu to “Wisdom Resources.” There’s an orientation guide right on the opening page to get you up to speed using it.

(INSIDER TIP: By the way, you can get back to the home page from any point on the website simply by clicking on the Wisdom Waypoints logo on the top header bar.)


Where do I find the calendar of events?

Right on the top header bar. You can also access it from within the website itself at almost any point. Any listed event will lead you with one or two clicks to ALL listed events.

Where do I find “Contact Us?”

It’s always there in the footer bar. Opening it will lead you to an office mailing address, plus an online form to make your comments and requests.

Where are the Wisdom Profiles now housed?

They’re in Connect, now called “Wisdom Postholders.”

Where is Cynthia’s blog?

It’s in the Meet Cynthia section. Scroll down the menu to “blog.”

Where can I post comments?

All blog and Community Forum posts are interactive, allowing you to post a comment. You can also ask a question directly to Cynthia via the “Ask Cynthia” feature (listed under both LEARN and MEET CYNTHIA in the pull-down menu.) Please note that these are public questions, not private spiritual conversations. Responses will be publicly posted. For business and informational comments, use the form on CONTACT US.

Are the resources listed ONLY Cynthia Bourgeault resources, or are other Wisdom teachers and teachings included as well?

The MEET CYNTHIA section showcases Cynthia’s work exclusively. Here you’ll find all her books, courses, audios, and upcoming events. The LEARN section is broader, featuring a growing archive of both traditional and contemporary Wisdom resources as well as a growing number of emerging Wisdom teachers in our lineage. 

Further questions or Comments? By all means, CONTACT US.