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An essential reading list for serious students, including books by Cynthia Bourgeault and others Wisdom teachers and writers.

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Browse the list of online course offerings by Cynthia Bourgeault and other leaders in the Wisdom community.


Browse our growing archive of teaching talks and audio files by Cynthia and other inspiring voices in the Wisdom community.

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Wisdom isn’t knowing more …
It’s knowing with more of you.

Come to Wisdom School

Wisdom Schools are our signature integral learning experience here at Wisdom Waypoints and a unique opportunity to put all the pieces together. Stimulating teaching, sparkling conversation, contemplative prayer, and conscious practical work, all anchored in the ancient Benedictine rhythm of ora et labora, “pray and work.”  On-the-ground Wisdom Schools typically last just under a week and are offered in various locales around the world. Online Wisdom schools are also offered by a number of organizations in our wider network.

Go on a Retreat

Retreats are a more traditional Christian format, featuring silence, contemplative worship, some focused teaching, and spacious unscheduled time for personal prayer and reflection. You can leave your work gloves at home (although you may want to being your yoga mat, since most retreats offer daily opportunities for gentle embodiment practice.) Wisdom retreats come in two flavors: immersion retreats, where the focus is on deepening spiritual practice, and teaching retreats, where the focus is on exploring a spiritual text or topic in a quiet, contemplative way. 

Wisdom to Ponder

“If you seek Wisdom in the first place, you will find that Wisdom is joyous. If you seek the joy of Wisdom in the first place, you will fall prey to illusions.”  

~ Valentin Tomberg, Meditations on the Tarot

Join a Book Circle

Our Wisdom Practice Book Circles are designed to cultivate a deeper connection with the Wisdom that lies at the headwaters of all sacred paths, and in particular with our Christian Wisdom lineage highlighted through the teaching of Cynthia Bourgeault. Using contemplative practices of Centering Prayer, body prayers, chanting and Lectio Divina, we engage with all three centers of knowing as we delve deeply into the richness these books offer.

Ask Cynthia

Ever had a question you wanted to ask Cynthia? Here’s your chance.

Here’s one question Cynthia answered from one of her Wisdom Schools: “What does inner awakening look or feel like from the inside? Can it be seen from the outside?”

Work in Progress

Civics for Wisdom Students

In response to the ongoing political turmoil in the United States and around the world, we are drawing on our own Wisdom network of seasoned lawyers, policy makers, and educators, to develop a curriculum for learning and teaching skillful action.

Read Cynthia’s “Common Good” blog series linked below.

Wisdom for Kids

Kids take to Wisdom teachings like ducklings take to water because it fits their learning style: embodied, practical, creative, open-ended. Work is underway to collect a series of Wisdom resources (chants, activities, teachings) that are authentic and kid-appropriate. You are welcome to join this work. Send us your ideas in our Contact from linked below.

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